Gulf Food (Dubai World Trade Center)

Gulfood 2020 the world's largest annual food & beverage trade exhibition.

The future 2020 edition of the event will run between the 16th to 20th of February at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center. This expo provides excellent opportunities to discover our new launched products.

For the first time and Exclusively Al-Arabia company will provide a testing laboratory to be able to test modify and create new formula and recipes live in the event.

Our years of experience of beverage manufacturing will help in guiding ideas to innovative market-oriented goals all the way to cost-efficient products by offering the highest quality consulting services to our clients.

Beverage development experts in Al-Arabia will be there to support you through all prosses of recipe and formula development, laboratory testing, raw material obtaining and samples development all the way to produce a cost-efficient product.

In this process quality levels, product features, product design and product safety are all aspects that will be properly managed through our specialized knowledge, cross-functional teams, technical and functional expertise, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

we will build every step based on your key needs and requirements aligned with market tends and opportunities to develop the recipe required based on source ingredients and price analysis to assure products quality and value are both superior.

More than 98,000 professional attendees will be able to explore the production of over 5,000 exhibitors.